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(as amended February 15, 2013)


Membership in this society, hereafter referred to as "club", is open to all persons having an interest in Amateur Radio.




Applicants for membership must present a valid Amateur Radio license and/or name and address and proper dues, if applicable. The Treasurer shall hold dues received until the applicant’s membership is approved by the Board of Directors.



A. Full membership may be granted to a person holding a valid Amateur Radio license.


B. Associate membership may be granted to others, not holding a valid Amateur Radio license, who are interested in Amateur Radio.



Only full members in good standing are eligible to vote in matters before the club. Good standing shall mean that dues are paid and the member has not been dismissed from the club. Each full member shall have one vote, which may be in person, or by proxy, provided the proxy voting has been coordinated with a member of the Executive Board. This proxy vote policy applies to all votes except for the general election.


A. A member shall be terminated and dropped from the roster if dues have not been received by the February regular meeting.


B. A member may be dismissed for reasonable cause upon petition for a vote of removal by three or more full members. Dismissal requires a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of members present at a regular meeting, who shall vote by secret ballot. A dismissed member shall pay any debts due to the club and shall immediately return any club equipment or materials. The club shall pay any debt owed to the dismissed member immediately. A dismissed member may apply for readmission after a period of six (6) months. Acceptance of readmission requires a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of members present at a regular meeting, who shall vote by secret ballot.




A. Regular meetings of the club shall be held on the third Friday of each month. However, members at a regular meeting may, by a majority vote of those members present, set an alternate date for a future regular meeting.


B. A quorum for the transaction of business by the club shall consist of a number of full members equal to one half the average number of such full members in attendance at the preceding four regular meetings. This number shall be calculated by the Secretary and verified at the beginning of each meeting. At least three elected officers must be present.



The annual meeting shall be on the regular meeting day in January for the purpose of electing officers and directors and conducting other business of the club.



A special meeting may be called by the President for the conduct of special business. The President shall call a special meeting upon the request in writing of three full members of the club. The call for a special meeting shall specify the purpose for the meeting and an attempt shall be made to notify all voting members of the club at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting.




A. Full members:


(1) Handicapped per FCC rule or those over 62 years old: $15.00 per year.
(2) Those under age 18 and students under age 23: None.
(3) All others: $25.00 per year.
(4) Additional family members: $5.00 per year, not prorated, provided they are in the household of the full member.
(5) Life membership: Fifteen (15) times the applicable rate in A(1) or A(3).

B. Associate members: $5.00 per year, not pro-rated.

C. The club may at times authorize promotional membership dues rates.

D. Membership renewal dues are due and payable on January 1 of each year.

E. Full membership dues shall be pro-rated as follows:


(1) Handicapped per FCC rule or those over 62 years old:

(a) May 1 through July 15: $11.00
(b) July 16 through October 15: $7.00
(c) October 16 through December 31: $3.50


(2) All others:

(a) May 1 through July 15: $18.00
(b) July 16 through October 15: $12.00
(c) October 16 through December 31: $6.00



Note: All references hereafter to "he" or "his" with regard to officers shall be read as "she" or "her" when appropriate.




A. The officers of the club shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Director, Assistant Activities Director, and four at-large Directors. These officers shall be elected by plurality vote and shall hold office for a term of one (1) year, except that the at-large Directors shall hold office for a term of two (2) years.


B. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Activities Director, immediate past President and the four at-large Directors.


C. The election of officers and directors shall be by secret ballot. Ballots from that election shall be eligible to be destroyed upon ratification of the minutes of the election meeting.




In the event of an office vacancy the President shall temporarily assign those duties to another elected officer. The president shall also call for a special election to fill the vacancy as soon as willing candidates are identified.



Officers may face a recall vote based on a petition signed by one-fifth (1/5) of the voting membership. After such a petition a recall requires a majority vote of the total voting membership.



All persons nominated for President, Vice-President, or Treasurer must have been a full member in good standing continuously for not less than one (1) year. All persons nominated for Board of Directors, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Activities Director, and Assistant Activities Director must be a full member in good standing for one (1) year or, on approval of the President, have been member in good standing for three (3) months.




The Board of Directors shall conduct all business not of major importance for the club. Major importance is defined as an unusual expenditure in excess of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) or a procedure or policy that, in the Board of Directors opinion, affects the majority of the membership. Issues of major importance shall be publicized and listed on the next general meeting agenda. Any item may be brought to a full membership vote by petition signed by ten full members or five percent (5%) of the voting members, whichever is less.




The President shall preside at all meetings of the club, and conduct the same according to the bylaws. He shall be the executive head of the club and sign all official documents that are adopted by the club. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees as are necessary for carrying on the activities of the club.


The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or whenever the President temporarily vacates his chair. The Vice-President shall perform duties as assigned by the President.




The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings and shall take and record the minutes of all such meetings. He shall have charge of such books, papers and other property of the club and shall perform all duties incident to his office. These books shall be kept open at any reasonable time to the club officers or directors. Minutes of the previous meeting shall be read at each regular meeting. He shall, at the expiration of his term, turn over all club materials in his possession to his successor.



The Treasurer shall pay bills only with proper authorization by the club. He shall write checks against the club's bank account co-signed with the President's signature for the purpose of paying such club debts. The Treasurer shall have custody of the securities and funds of the club and shall make an accurate report to the membership at each regular meeting. He shall prepare an annual report to the membership each year. At the expiration of his term, he shall turn over everything in his possession belonging to the club to his successor.




The Assistant Secretary shall perform such duties as directed by the Secretary or shall perform the duties of the Secretary when he is absent from the club meetings.




The Activities Director shall organize all club activities, plan and recommend contests, advance club interest and activity as approved by the club.




The Assistant Activities Director shall perform such duties as directed by the Activities Director or shall perform the duties of the Activities Director when the Activities Director is unavailable.




All club officers shall work together for the good of Amateur Radio, this club, its members, and the community as a whole.




The Trustee shall be the member appointed by unanimous agreement of the Executive Board. He shall be in charge of the club radio station and its operations, pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission requirements. This appointment shall be for a period of five years unless renewed by the Executive Board. The trustee should hold an Amateur Extra class license, so as to allow the club to utilize full amateur privileges. In the event of a vacancy, trusteeship shall revert to the President until a new trustee can be appointed. The appointment of a new Trustee shall be accomplished within thirty (30) days of the vacancy.






There shall be four (4) standing committees. They shall be known as the Executive Board, the Balloting Committee, Membership Committee, and the Repeater Committee.




The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President and Board of Directors Chairperson.




The Balloting Committee shall consist of members solicited from the general membership and appointed by the Executive Board.



The Membership Committee shall consist of members solicited from the general membership and appointed by the Executive Board. The Membership Committee shall develop and implement an aggressive, on-going membership strategy. The Membership Committee shall visit area hamfests and other areas where potential members may gather and present the club in a progressive and positive light.




The Repeater Committee shall consist of the Vice-President, Club Station Trustee and control operators.




In the event any or all committees are vacant, the assigned responsibilities revert to the Executive




The private property of the members or of the club itself shall not be subject to liability of any other members' private debts.




Any member has the privilege to bring a guest to any regular or special meeting of the club. Members shall be held responsible for the conduct of their guests and for the observance of all rules.




A. These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of full members present, provided notice was given at the previous meeting in writing and then sent to all members of the club by the Secretary.


B. The bylaws shall be reviewed by committee no less than every five years, so as to maintain pace with the changing world of Amateur Radio.




The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date copy of these bylaws and any standing rules and have them available for reference at each meeting. The bylaws shall also be made available on the club web site.




All situations not covered by these bylaws and any standing rules shall revert to Robert's Rules of Order


Newly Revised.

(Adopted: October 20, 2006. Amended, February 15, 2013)

Standing Rules of the Bullitt Amateur Radio Society


1. Regular meetings shall be scheduled to start at 7:00 PM


2. The Article II, Section 1A bylaws provision allowing members at a regular meeting to set an alternate date for a subsequent meeting shall be interpreted to allow skipping a meeting to accommodate special club activities, such as a picnic or Christmas season luncheon.

3. The Article II, Section 3 bylaw requirement that a call by members for a special meeting be in writing shall include requests via e-mail. The President or his designee shall attempt to notify all voting members of the special meeting. This should include e-mails, phone calls, a posting on the club website and announcements on the club repeater.


4. Article V, Section 1 requires issues of major importance which are to be considered at the next meeting be publicized. The President or his designee shall attempt to inform all members by posting notice on the club website, use of emails, and other appropriate means. This notification requirement also applies to Article IX, Section 1A Notices of Proposed Bylaws Revisions.


5. The Board of Directors Chairperson is the immediate past-President of the club. If he does not wish to serve or is unable to serve on the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall by majority vote elect a Chairperson.


6. The election and terms of office of at-large members of the Board of Directors shall be staggered. For example, if there are four (4) at-large members, two (2) shall be elected in a given year.


7. The Board of Directors shall prepare and approve a budget for each fiscal year. Any expenses exceeding budgeted amounts shall require specific approval by the Board of Directors, or if classified as a major importance unusual expenditure by the Board of Directors, by approval of the membership at a regular meeting.


8. The Treasurer shall issue memberships cards and maintain the roster of members. The treasurer shall forward a copy of the roster spreadsheet to the chair of the membership committee as changes occur.


9. The Activities Director shall maintain close liaison with the ARRL Emergency Coordinator or SEC to further club participation in the Amateur Radio Public Service Corps. He may recommend to the President appointment of special committees to aid in specific branches of activity, such as field day, emergency tests, cooperation with other organizations, etc. Such committee appointments expire at the conclusion of the activity. The Activities Director shall be responsible for providing an appropriate activity or program at the monthly meetings.


10. Regarding officer vacancies, the President or his designee shall attempt to notify all voting members of the special vote to fill vacancies. This should include announcement at a regular meeting, e-mails, phone calls, a posting on the club website, and other appropriate means.


11. A full member in good standing, regardless of length of membership, may be appointed as Chairperson of a committee or serve thereon unless otherwise prohibited by the bylaws.


12. The Balloting Committee shall consist of three (3) members. The committee shall solicit candidates for all elective offices beginning no later than November 1 and concluding December 22. The Treasurer shall provide the committee with a list of members in good standing with their mailing address and verified email address. The committee shall prepare paper or electronic ballots to all members in good standing no later than December 31. Each ballot, when mailed, shall contain one ballot, one ballot envelope, one return-mailing envelope and instructions. Ballots must be returned to the club prior to the beginning of the January annual meeting. All ballots shall be counted at the January meeting by non-interested parties consisting of three club members of whom at least one is from the Balloting Committee. Provided a suitable internet based voting application is available, balloting should be conducted accordingly. In case of internet balloting, any member may request a paper ballot in lieu of electronic balloting. Electronic balloting will terminate at 0100 local time on the January meeting date and paper ballots will be accepted up to the beginning of the annual meeting.


13. The Executive Board shall review committee appointments to the Balloting and Membership Committees and make any changes to committee membership as it deems necessary at least once a year, generally after the annual meeting.


14. The President may appoint special committees to address specific needs of the club.


15. Guests at club meetings or activities may participate in white elephant sales and in the distribution of door prizes. Guests may not participate in other privileges of the club unless authorized by the President.


16. In the event of the passing of a member of the club, a member's parent, step-parent, or spouse, the club shall, through the Treasurer, send flowers or a donation in the decedent's name, not to exceed $50.00. Notification of the person’s death shall be given to the Treasurer or President as soon as possible to facilitate meeting this requirement.


17. Club Web site


A. The club web site (, the domain "" and the contents thereof are owned by and are the property of the Bullitt Amateur Radio Society. shall be the only official web site of the club.


B. shall be maintained by a webmaster who will be a full member in good standing. The webmaster shall be appointed by the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote at a regular meeting. The webmaster shall have the experience necessary to perform the required duties, be open to suggestions for the web site and be responsible for all aspects of maintaining The webmaster shall ensure web site information is consistent with the mission of the club, is in the interest of the club and amateur radio and complies with all rules of the web-hosting provider. The webmaster must maintain an offline backup of the web site.


C. Assistant webmasters may also provide content for the web site and shall be provided the proprietary information necessary to access Assistant webmasters must email the webmaster the URL(s) and/or the page(s) created or modified for the purpose of maintaining a current offline backup.


D. Content and design of the web site shall be solely at the discretion of the webmaster and assistant webmasters. At the request of the Executive Board or by a majority vote at a regular meeting, the webmaster will modify and/or remove web site content.


E. Proprietary information must be provided to the Executive Board by the webmaster. This information must include, but is not limited to web addresses, login names, passwords and other account information for the web site, web-hosting provider and domain registrar. This information shall be maintained in the club records by the Secretary.


F. Costs of the domain and web hosting service renewals shall be presented to the club, by the webmaster, no less than three (3) months prior to billing for review by the membership.


18. In regard to the election for officers, in the case of a tie vote for a particular office, the members present at the election meeting shall vote, by secret ballot, to resolve the tie. In the case where a candidate receiving a plurality of votes opts to not accept the office, the members present at the election meeting shall, by secret ballot, select a candidate from the remaining candidates plus any member in good standing that accepts a nomination at the meeting.


19. Regarding dues as provided in Article III, the rate for students ages 18 through 22 applies to those engaged in secondary or post-secondary education programs; life membership is available to full members who are required to pay dues, and promotional membership dues (none or a reduced rate for a membership year) may be authorized when they will promote membership or otherwise benefit the club.

20. The club may accept donations and member dues payments through PayPal or other electronic debit when available. A one dollar convenience fee shall be added to the applicable dues rate for those wishing to pay dues through this method.


Standing Rules 1 through 17 adopted October 20, 2006. Standing Rules 18 and 19 adopted February 15, 2013. Standing Rules 2, 3, 4, 8, 10 and 12 revised February 15, 2013. Standing Rule 16 revised January 15, 2016. Standing Rule 20 adopted June 17, 2016.

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