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About EchoLink

The B.A.R.S. repeater is equipped with EchoLink, operated and maintained by Buddy Sohl, KC4WQ.

The use of EchoLink adds some additional requirements to using the system when EchoLink is connected to other stations.

1. There is an additional delay after you release your microphone button before the remote station is able to reply. EchoLink digitizes your transmission then sends the voice input V.O.I.P. (Voice Over Internet Protocol). While your transmisson is constantly being sent, there is a delay before the remote station starts to hear the first and last few words. This can be up to 10 seconds. BE PATIENT. You will hear an additional single courtesy tone when it is okay to transmit again. Make sure you have also heard the repeater courtesy tone. If you don't wait, you will time out the system.

2. Talking louder or close to your mike will reduce the quality of your signal to the remote station. Back off your mike and DON'T SHOUT.

3. Additional common courtesy is required to make this feature useable for everyone. Unless it is an emergency, don't be in a big hurry to break into a conversation. Listen first and make sure the conversation has ended before transmitting.

4. If you connect to a remote station from your radio using the touch tone pad, be sure that you send the disconnect command when finished unless another local station wants to continue with the remote ham. Before you send the disconnect, ask if there is anyone else who would like to continue. The last one making the contact should issue a disconnect command.

5. All EchoLink commands on the B.A.R.S. system start with ## (pound - pound) with no space between the next key. ##D is the valid command to disconnect. ##C is used to connect. Please refer to the EchoLink Information web page or download the KY4KY 146.700 Repeater ALLSTAR and Echolink Commands PDF document.

How To Use EchoLink Commands

Due to the multiple VoIP modes and the fact that several nodes can be connected and disconnected, there is not a simple DTMF connect and disconnect command. Below is the list of the important DTMF commands when using the KY4KY ALLSTAR system.

WARNING: Please DO NOT connect a bunch of large nodes together without permission. The number of nodes and the quality of the connections are limited by the bandwidth of our internet connection.


*3 <node number>

Connect to an AllStar node number. Example: *340894 connect to AllStar node 40894 (audio test server). To add more nodes to the connection, just continue the sequence. For a current list of active ALLSTAR nodes go to

*1 <node number>

Disconnect an AllStar node number. If you dialed a bunch of nodes, but only want to disconnect one, use this command.


Probably one of the most important commands, this will disconnect all links (AllStar or Echolink).


*33 <node number>

For example, to connect to the EchoLink test server would require the commands *33009999.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Echolink Node numbers must always be 6 digits long. If the node number is only 5 or 4 digits long, 1 or 2 zeros will NEED to be placed before the node number for it to work.

Connect to an EchoLink node number. You will need to look up the node Number, not call sign for this to work

*13 <node number>

Disconnect an EchoLink node number. For example, a disconnect from the EchoLink test server would require the commands *13009999

*2 <node number>

Connect to a node in Monitor mode (receive only). The node will not hear any transmissions of yours, but you will hear everything from the node (use with caution).


Probably one of the most important commands, this will disconnect all links (AllStar or Echolink).

EchoLink Commands (PDF File)

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