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Emergency Net
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The KY4KY repeater is used for the SKYWARN® Emergency Net when severe weather is forecasted to move into the areas covered by the Louisville office of the National Weather Service. When called by the Louisville National Weather Service the Net Control Station will use the callsign WX4NWS.


When the SKYWARN® Emergency Net is in operation, contact the Net Control Station only if you have emergency weather conditions to report. Do not check into the SKYWARN® Emergency Net with non-emergency traffic, to report non-threatening weather (such as light rain or moderate winds) or to request a weather report for your area. Also, do not check in to relay weather information from local broadcast or cable channels.


Report weather conditions only of which you are trained and knowledgeable to report and only when the information is requested by the Net Control Station. Sending in non-essential data or misinformation to the National Weather Service is detrimental to the purpose of the Net.


The National Weather Service encourages anyone with an interest in public service and access to communication, including amateur radio operators, to join the SKYWARN® program. Your local Weather Forecast Office has a Warning Coordination Meteorologist who is responsible for administering the SKYWARN® program in the local area. Training is conducted at these local offices and covers:

  • Basics of thunderstorm development

  • Fundamentals of storm structure

  • Identifying potential severe weather features

  • Information to report

  • How to report information

  • Basic severe weather safety


Classes are free and typically are about two hours long. To find out when a SKYWARN® class will be conducted in local your area, contact your local Warning Coordination Meteorologist at More information about SKYWARN® is at

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