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KY4KY Club Repeater


Welcome to the Bullitt Amateur Radio Society. With your membership, you are entitled to the rights and privileges of the special functions of the B.A.R.S. repeater, callsign KY4KY. With these rights and privileges comes a responsibility just as with your Amateur Radio License. We ask that you follow good Amateur Radio practice and read the Repeater Guidelines, using them as an aid to your enjoyment of this repeater.

We hope our guidelines are helpful so you can enjoy your membership with B.A.R.S. Please keep in mind that any serious misuse of repeater privileges could jeopardize your membership, so please be respectful and courteous of others while using the repeater. We are here to assist you in any way we can, just give one of us a call.

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About the KY4KY Repeater


B.A.R.S. has two state-of-the-art Yaesu Fusion DR-1 FM/Digital repeaters, one on 146.700 MHz (with 5 watts in to a Henry VHF amplifier with 80 watts output into a Telwave ferrite tuned cavity then into the Wacom duplexers Model WP-641 to a Celwave PD 220 antenna) and one on 443.700 MHz (currently operating at 20 watts into a Decibel DB4631 ferrite tuned cavity into four can set of Motorola UHF duplexers to a Hustler: G6-440-450). The Fusion repeaters can operate and automatically switch between, either Fusion digital or conventional FM modes. The DR-1 repeaters provide continued use of conventional FM communication while integrating the use of digital communication functions through its unique AMS capability. More information about System Fusion on the Yaesu web site.


Both Yaesu Fusion repeaters operate in automatic mode. For example a ham using Fusion Digital mode keys the Fusion repeater which automatically switches to digital. If an analog (FM) user keys up the Yaesu Fusion repeater it automatically switches to analog (FM).


You may already have been enjoying using the 146.700 MHz or 443.700 MHz Yaesu Fusion repeaters. Please follow good Amateur Radio practice and use the following guidelines as an aid to your enjoyment of this repeater. Analog FM users please ID in accordance with F.C.C. Rules Part 97 – that is ID once every 10 minutes and at the end of your conversation (Part 97.119 Station Identification). The F.C.C. no longer requires mobile, portable, etc. after your ID. Digital users - your radio and the repeater will automatically ID for you. However, it is still a good habit to ID just as you would on FM. For the best audio transmission quality on either mode we always recommend you talk across your microphone, not directly into it.

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