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Standard 2 Meter Offset = 600 KHz

Listen on the frequencies listed -  the output frequency. Your radio transmits to the repeater input frequency - the one the repeater receives. The difference between the input and output frequencies is called the repeater offset. For the 2 meter band, the standard offset is up (+) or down (-) 0.600 MHz or 600 kHz. The rule of thumb is any repeater with an output frequency of 147.000 MHz to 147.399 MHz will usually have a positive offset. All others generally have a negative offset.

This list changes as repeaters come and go. Please send additions and/or corrections to our webmaster. Some information may be unconfirmed by owner.

For help in compiling this list, special thanks to Charles V. Boehnlein WD4W, Rev. Jim Boyd KM4KGN, Matthew Buker KI4SSW, Tim Chapman K9BAW, Brian Clark W4SOU, Bill Cotter N4LG, Mike Craycroft KE4KOP, Chris Demarsh KI4RDG, Ron Dodson KA4MAP, Phillip Garrett, Jack Gunsett KZ6ZZ, John Hager N4KJU, Roy Herman W8QAS, John Hesse K4JWH, Larry D. Jaggers WA4FOB, Doug Lamb K4EK, Larry Loney N4MRM, David McKim KB9JLF, David Massey, Dave Nugent KD9LX, Brandon Nuttall KG4RRI, Tim Osborne K4TDO, Roy Pickett KC9LKW, Ernie Pridemore Jr. W4HLN, Billy Pruitt KI4HUP, Mike Pugh KA4MKG, Mark Ray KI4SQT, Kyle Robinson KJ4ZSF, Ted Sims AI4LV, Marty Stark N9NTM, Rick Singleton KJ4FVD, Ray Tillman K4RDE, Jim Vaughan K4TXJ, Dean L. Wilson KI4LRU, Ralph Wettle W4HK, Dave Whittle N4FND, Gary Wolf W4GJW, Terry Ed Yeary W4TEY, Chandler M. Young W4CMY, and Robert Young KG4CNZ.

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